Speaker Night Videos

The British Columbia Aviation Museum and the Canadian Aviation Historical Society present speakers at the Museum each month from September to June.  The topics are always interesting and informative.  Many of the talks have been recorded and can be viewed by clicking on the items listed below.

If you would like to receive notice of upcoming speakers just send an email to the by clicking here to add your name to the Speaker Night Contact List

Rick Zimmerman 2018-10-17 Flt. Lt. John Fraser – Nanaimo's Dambuster

Trudie Duxbury 2018-11-21 3 Hours One Morning

Harvey Moore 2019-01-16 The Mighty Vulcan
plus video shown during Harvey Moore's presentation XM607 Falklands' Most Daring Raid

Brian Johnson 2019-02-20 Only an Observer

John Vernon 2019-09-18 Dam Busters - Canadian Airmen

Chris Gainor 2019-04-17 The Hubble Space Telescope

Jack Funk 2019-05-15 From Spitfire to Cyclone

Vanessa Ascough 2019-06-19 The Flight of the Vulture

Jerry Vernon 2019-09-18 The Stranraer in Canada

Pat Phillips 2019-11-20 The BCAM Story




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